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governing bodies

The current officers of ICOHTEC are:

President: Timo Myllyntaus (Finland)
Vice-president: Dick van Lente (The Netherlands )
Secretary-General: Slawomir Lotysz (Poland)
Treasurer: Yoel Bergman (Israel)
Journal Editor-in-Chief Hermione Giffard (The Netherlands )
Newsletter Editor Stefan Poser (Germany)

The organizational chart is as follows:

Members of the Executive Committee:

Term ends in


2017 Bart Hacker (USA) Elena Helerea (Roumania) Paula Diogo (Portugal)
2018 Francesco Gerali (Italy) Irina Gouzevitch (France) Elitsa Stoilova (Bulgaria)
2019 Maria E.  Callapez (Portugal) Shaul Katzir (Israel) Ciro Paoletti (Italy)
2020 Artemis Yagou (Greece) Liliia Zemnukhova (Russia)

Mirosław Sikora (Poland)


ICOHTEC Past Presidents:

James C. Williams 2009-2013
Hans-Joachim Braun 2005-2009
Alexandre Herlea 2001-2005
Carroll Pursell 1997-2001
Robert Angus Buchanan 1993-1997
José Antonio Garcia-Diego 1989-1993
Stefan Balan 1981-1989
Carlo Maccagni 1977-1981
Luigi Bulfaretti 1974-1977
Eugeniusz Olszewski 1968-1974

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the news


In 2018 we meet in Saint-Étienne, France. Sav the date: 17-21 July 2018.

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